Where?? : 2531 NW 30th Ave. Portland, OR 97210. Historic Industrial NW PDX

When?? : We are open every day from 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Food?? : Yes

What kind? : Sandwiches, soups, salads. Kitchen open from 11:30 to 8 all days. No burgers, no fries. 

What kinds of ciders???? : All kinds. NW apples. Oregon fruit. Dry, sweet, everything in between. 

Sulfites? : No way.

Gluten? : Nope. 

Can I find your cider elsewhere? : Yep. We have 500ml bottles at New Seasons, Market of Choice, Belmont Station, Beer Mongers and other retailers of good taste. Also we sell kegs to bars and restaurants all over town. 

I operate a bar/restaurant/bodega/whatever and want to buy you cider please help!!! : Call text or email our sales guy, Jesse Brown. jessesasquatchbrewery@gmail.com or (707) 292-4779

Can I buy a keg for my wedding/party/kegerator/whatever???? : Yes. Email Ryan our cider maker at ryan@sasquatchbrewery.com

Can kids come to your taproom? : Yes if well-behaved. 

I'm a website designer can I sell you my services because this website is awful!! : No.

Do you guys make cider in the Sasquatch facility? We are Sasquatch. Same guys. Same place. Different beverage.